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Modern Solutions For The Automotive Industry


We Are GenZ

Our Mission Is To Help Our Automotive Partners Prepare Today So They Can Thrive Tomorrow.

We created the GenZ Group for the sole purpose of offering unbiased advice and cutting-edge solutions to our automotive customers to help them stay at the forefront of industry changes. We are unique because we operate across the spectrum of products and services which matter to both OEMs and dealer groups and, as such, we can build bridges between industry participants and business silos resulting in unexpected financial outcomes and customer satisfaction.

As our name suggests, we never stop evolving because the next generation of drivers and vehicles is inevitably bringing new challenges. From its humble beginnings as a niche F&I provider, our GenZ Automotive business now offers a full suite of F&I solutions with a bold focus on innovation, technology, quality and value. We make selling F&I fun and flexible because that’s what the new generation of consumers expect. Like it or not, there is a revolution going on out there and we can help you be on the winning side.

GenZ Automotive has operations in the US, Mexico, United Kingdom and Spain.

Speaking of revolution, the world of tomorrow seems rather ‘electric’ which is why we launched GenZ EV Solutions in 2022 as the sister company to GenZ Automotive. By doing so, we anticipated that our OEM and dealer group customers would soon be scratching their heads, together and separately, about how to best transition to this new brave world. Dealers in particular are facing a tidal wave of decisions that will have an outsized impact on their businesses, from selecting and building the right charging infrastructure to offering new EV-specific F&I products and services.


Strategically placed on both sides of the equation, GenZ Automotive and GenZ EV Solutions work hand-in-hand to provide true turn-key solutions enabling our mutual dealer partners to earn ‘credits’ on F&I products they already sell to offset the spending on their EV charging infrastructure.


The Future is Now, Let's Keep You Moving.

Empowering Our Dealer Partners To Make The Right EV Charging Decisions With The Option To Offset  Their Capex Costs Via F&I 'Credits'.

We Offer F&I Solutions Designed For The Next Generation Of Drivers & Vehicles.

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