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GenZ EV Solutions

Founded by a team of entrepreneurs at the crossroads of sustainability, technology and finance, we are inspired by the generation that adopted EVs.

It's our mission to power the future of e-mobility into ultra-fast charging.

Our focus on quality is relentless. One customer at a time, our goal is to build custom charging networks which work flawlessly. 

Meet the GenZ Team

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Cristian Stenstrom

Born in Brazil but raised in Venezuela, the USA and Switzerland, Cristian is fluent in 5 languages. He is an environmental philanthropist and an avid believer that the future is electric.

Besides being one of the visionaries behind GenZ, Cristian is also the co-founder of KeyFetch, an innovative F&I solution provider counting hundreds of dealerships as its customers.

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Operations Manager

Julie Kinloch

Based in New Jersey, Julie is an experienced leader with over 10 years in telecommunications, building out teams, designing business plans, and client retention.

Driven by customer satisfaction, she takes pride in providing the best experience possible by revolutionizing the customer journey.

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John Candillier

Born and raised in France, John spent most of his career on Wall Street. John is an innovator, always looking for bespoke solutions to solve modern problems.

He and co-founder Cristian Stenstrom were college roommates at Bucknell University before founding KeyFetch and GenZ together. John lives in London.

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Financial Planning Analyst

Noah Levy

Born and raised in London, UK, Noah joined GenZ after 5 years in the oil industry as a Broker, Analyst and Refinery Margins Specialist.

His strategic experience and intricate knowledge of the energy spectrum allows him to advise on the electrification transition, while his extensive analytical expertise helps clients maximize their returns through bespoke solutions.

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VP OEM/Automotive Partnerships

Bill Bieser

A Michigan native, Bill has over 30 years of automotive experience, including automotive retail and developing partnerships with OEMs.

Bill's expertise is in providing data-driven customer and industry solutions. He provides insights and challenges the common way of thinking, enabling OEMs to align their strategic EV initiatives with their dealership network.

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Chief Product Officer

Wasim Farook

Raised in the Middle East & India, Wasim is a specialist in products, technology & online operations. He brings in expertise working within start-ups and products in niche markets. He has over 22 years of experience in product innovation, design & development and project management.


Wasim has been a key part of Keyfetch Group since its inception in 2014. 

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